RAB Proposal Paragraph- Laurencia Colon

My research question is: How has the Covid pandemic exacerbated social inequality in America, focusing on wealth.?

This topic interest me because before the pandemic I was on F-1 Visa and it was not all roses because I was limited on the hours I could work but, when the pandemic hits I could barely find work and I was relying on Government funding to get by like many Americans.

This is interesting because the 1% people viewed the pandemic as opportunity to expand their wealth, whereas the 99% remaining were struggling to survive. I already know that during catastrophes like the Covid pandemic, the average and below average are affected more than the rich in the society. Whilst the unfortunate worry about the risk of being unemployed the well to do among has many other sources of income to always hold unto.

I would like to find out how the average and below average coped through the pandemic and what was the government involvement to mediate the situation. Also, I will research how the wealthy used this pandemic to increase their means of income, how they have grown from being rich to being richer in such a time as this pandemic.

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