RAB Source Entry 1-Karem Ali

PART 1:  MLA Citation

Joe Rogan says he’ll do better research on covid, give listeners opposing views: ‘I don’t always get it right’


Main Idea: Joe Rogan spreading misinformation about Covid affects others

Detail: “Rogan’s comments came amid a firestorm after hundreds of medical professionals called out Spotify earlier this month for letting the podcaster spread “false and societally harmful assertions” about the coronavirus and vaccines, The Washington Post reported.”

Joe Rogan slams woke Big Tech employees as 'mentally ill'


To sum it all up, Joe Rogan spreading misinformation about the coronavirus does affect people. So many people listen to Rogan’s podcast and mostly a young audience. A lot of people also see him as a credible source so they believe everything he says. So if Rogan has fans like this and they are listening to him spread this misinformation it could affect them in a really negative way. They could choose to not take the vaccine because of Rogan. Even though Rogan could be completely wrong they will still listen to him and not take time to search for a real credible source.


I found out that a lot of what Rogan was saying about the virus was wrong. I also learned to always look for a real credible source rather than listen to a podcast host. I’ve also come to find out that Spotify put some restrictions on speaking about the coronavirus. I agree with what Spotify did with the restrictions an so does Rogan.

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