RAB proposal paragraph- Kendra Larosiliere

Topic: How did the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Children’s Physical and Mental Health? This topic interests me because it is current and real life . Covid is overall affecting children’s health mentally and physically. In my opinion mental and physical health is important to the stability of a human also which plays a huge role on how a person think, live, and act in the effects of covid . Covid created lack of energy and being back to their normal self with people always staying home during the pandemic . Which causes children to be affected by this and change and think differently .


Iqbal, S. A., & Tayyab, N. (2021). COVID-19 and children: The mental and physical 

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  1. Kendra: This is LATE HW.

    1. You proposal paragraph needs to have also why YOU PERSONALLY are interested. What have you experienced? Your paragraph is too general. It sounds like a psychology textbook paragraph. THIS is not what I showed you as example in my own RAB proposal. Look at your classmates paragraphs. Have you peer reviewed TWo student proposals?

    2. WHERE are your NYT sources? Your sources should be NYT. Look in the Secret Panel to the left of Assignment Unit Two on the Assignemnts page. Google using search terms: “NYT and (your RQ)”

    I notice that you have been consistently LATE to class. THis is NOT helping you. You are already not doing well in this class.

    Regarding your F grade for Education Narrative:

    You can submit it as a thoroughly revised version at the end of semester final portfolio. However, your essay needs a compelte and thorough revision. You should work with the tutors a few times on this revision.

    You cannot pass the class with one F grade on a major assignment All major assignments must be passing grades to pass the class. You need to change it up if you plan on passing this class. YOu have major work to do to improve and pass this class.

    Prof Wu

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