Reading Response Obama — Kendra Larosiliere

“The older woman in my grandparents’ apartment building who became agitated when I got on the elevator behind her and ran out to tell the manager that I was following her; her refusal to apologize when she was told that I lived in the building”…pg 80. Obama says that she was agitated meaning she was nervous as soon he came in. This quote shows readers that Obama was offended by this older women when she ran out and lied to the manger that she was being followed as soon as he came in the elevator. He begins to notice she was being a racist because of his skin color she felt like she was in danger and viewed him as a criminal. But not only did she find out he lived in the building she had refuse to apologize to Obama for her actions and judging based on his colored skin.

“…had muttered within earshot of me and three of my teammates that we shouldn’t have lost to a bunch of n*****s;… Here this quote signify Obama life living in Hawaii because this is how white folks would treat you and just being cruel without even realizing. Also explaining because of their colored skin that whites folks should be the ones winning the game not losing . This explains racial profiling in Hawaii just because of people skin color certain things for white were different to black . Which made Obama say “shut up” to them because he did not like being mistreated by them .

In this scene Obama learns that he lives in a cruel world where some whites didn’t even realize what they were saying/doing to black folks . Also where as white folks would view him as a threat because of his skin color. Not seeing that these white white folks are obtuse to black folks . But Obama begins to understand where he is growing up in and learns to sometime accept it .

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  1. Are you reading the instructions carefully? You are asked to summarize, pick a quote, explain significance ALL of these three items for the ONE same scene that you chose.

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