Reading Response Obama β€” Migdalia Rivera

On page 90 of chapter 4 Frank has a talk with Obama about his grandfather Stan. Frank was like Obama’s mentor that hung out with Stan .His grandparents were also white . He mentions and points out a few things about Stan’s actions that were going to affect Obama when he were to get older . The long talk he mentions his grandfather’ will never relate or ever go through what Obama or someone of color would endure Stan was white . Obama finally accepts that he’ll never be understood by his grandfather .

         Franks says β€œhe’s basically a good man . but he doesn’t know me . not the way I know him . Maybe some of these Hawaiians can , or the Indians on the reservation. they’ve seen their fathers humiliated . their mothers desecrated. But your grandfather will never know what it feels like β€œ . Frank was Obama’s mentor that he saw more than a couple of times and was also a Communist mentor . Frank was also around Obama’s grandfather Stan , Stan was very comfortable . The people who hired / worked for his family were treated badly . The women who took care of Obamas mothers Stanley Anne, was violently disrespected . Stan took no time to get to know his workers or to treat them with  human decency . He’ll come home at peace with no worries while having a drink because not even a feather would touch him . His workers and friends saw more of his true identity than he would have given them recognition .

  In this scene Obama realizes he’ll always feel utterly alone . his grandfather would never know how it felt to be mistreated . his grandparents normalized their bad behavior that he already had to deal with in the outside world . He accepted everything at once . the world would always have a stigma . He’ll continue to face hardship .

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  1. Good Work here!

    Good but you have overstated when you write that the young black girl hired to watch Obama’s mother was “violently disrespected.” Be careful of your choice of wording. Violently suggests rape and that is not written in the text.

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