Intro — Sajid Hossain

Hi, My name is Sajid Hossain and I live in the Bronx. I am from Bangladesh and this my second year at city tech. I’m majoring in computer systems and I have never been in city tech yet even though, its my second year at city tech. I don’t know how to read or write in Bangla but I do know how to speak it. I have not went back to my country since I came to America in 2009. I have never work in my life but I’m planning to work as of right now I’m training for a job. English class is not my strong class as of right now this is my third time taking this class.
My favorite subject is Math, I love math and is my strong class. My favorite sport is basketball and football. I love playing games and like to drive a lot especially long drives. My goal for this semester is pass this English class and get my GPA higher than 3.0 overall. I was like to travel places and explore new places and I like to go for late night drives and explore haunted areas or hospitals/schools.

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  1. Sajid: I hope you will put all efforts into this class — IT’s super important to do the HWs on time, so you can improve on that. You are submitting a day late here with the Intro HW. If you know English is not your strong suit, you also know that you need to focus harder on it. Please make this class a priority — so you can pass and move on! NUMBER ONE get your work in on time!

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