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Hey my name is Haileson Dover and I’m 19 years old (I’m the one who made the discord). I live here in Brooklyn and I just recently moved to Coney Island. My parents are from Guyana and Haiti. I’ve live in New York my whole life so i know the city mostly like the back of my hand. This technically is my first semester here since I’ll be actively progressing in my major. I’m a geek when it comes to technology especially computers and gaming. The computer I’m using right now is actually built by me. I’m also heavily invested into fashion and also anime so there’s a lot to talk about with me.

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  1. hey Haileson, what a unique name. it was nice reading about you. you seem like such an interesting person. when did you gain interest in technology? it’s so cool that made your own pc build yourself. I love helping my friends design pc builds so I wish I could see your setup :(. I’m really into fashion and anime as well so hopefully, we get to know each other more as classmates in the future.

    1. I’ve actually been interested in technology since i was a baby and if you’d like to see my setup I don’t mind sending a picture. Looking forward to talking as classmates more often. ^_^

  2. Wow! Building your own computer is a remarkable skill to say the least. I’m an anime lover as well, but I do enjoy reading manga more.. I’m from BK too and I love Coney Island, but Brighton Beach is so much more clean.

  3. Hello Haileson, you seem like a very interesting person and I noticed we have some similarities. What type of parts do you have for your PC and what would you recommend for someone trying to build one themselves? I see that your heavily invested in fashion do you have a favorite designer in mind? What are your favorite anime and how do you feel about One Piece? Also what would you recommend to someone who has just started watching?

    1. So first these are great questions. I have a MSI 2060 Super and an AMD Ryzen 3700x and i could go deeper into specs but that a whole different convo. I would recommend starting off small and looking for parts on ebay because the parts can be really pricey. Right now my favorite designer would have to be between Rick Owens and Fujiwara Hiroshi. Their simplistic yet high end aesthetic really grabs my attention. Also their use of darker tones is pretty much for me because my whole wardrobe is black and grey. Its also really good that you brought up One Piece because that’s one of my favorite anime right next to Bleach. I know its really long so to catch up I would recommend watching the recap episodes that go into the main arcs of the show. That should help with catching up with at least 600 of the episodes.

  4. Hi Haileson, it was nice to read about you, you seem really interesting and like someone to learn a lot from. That’s really impressive and talented that you built your own computer. Also, what major are you getting into?

  5. Dude honestly just with your intro I like you man your vibe your priorities, you seem like a cool and funny dude. how much did it cost to build your PC I plan to do the same later on? Also are you into dark humor?

    1. Thanks my boy. So my pc cost around 1000 alone to build without the peripherals and it was built over time so I got all the parts separately. it could’ve been cheaper but I bought all the parts brand new. And yes I’m very much into dark humor.

  6. you built your own computer? That’s impressive. I had a sense you were tech-savvy lol. Hearing you’ve lived in NY all your life and know the city like the back of your hand is also impressive because I lived here all my life too and get lost so easily.

  7. Wow — this is great. You guys are getting to know each other and building our community. Thanks Haileson for the great intro that sparked all this dialogue! I’d like to know about your unique name. Is it from Guyana or Haiti? What is the meaning?

    1. Thank you Professor! My name is the Ethiopian word for King with “son” attached so it directly means “King’s Son” and apparently I’m the only person in the world with my name alive.

  8. Hi, My name is Sajid Hossain and nice to meet you. Its great to know that you know a lot about computers and you even built one. Maybe you could help me sometimes in my CST classes and teach us more about computers and stuff.

  9. Its nice to meet you man what kind of anime’s do you watch i noticed that you mentioned one piece and bleach (two shows I haven’t watched yet) why do the shows fall under your favorite list? id like to lean more

  10. We have a lot in common! I also have a gaming pc however I didn’t build it i had it custom built. Im a moderate fan of anime, my personal favorites are “Attack On Titan” and “Kirikou’s Basketball”.

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