Outline ( interview video) – Anthony Clara

  • I will start off my introduction with a video of myself introducing my self and my RQ question.
  • I will interview three to five people about my questions and the main topic.
  • How did the after pandemic changed your style?
  • Was your style already changing before the pandemic happen ?
    do you think spending a lot of time at home with the pandemic, helped you find your style and experiment more?
  • did TikTok and instagram helped your style in any way ?

  • if you can describe your style in one word how would you describe it ?
  • is there any advice or tips you would give to people trying to find their style or who are afraid to try new things, or who are not confident enough In trying new things ?
  • I will close off by saying my message to and what I want people to get out of this video.
  • for my interview video I will play background musis, make it colorful and have a nice setting, and it will take place in school.

1 thought on “Outline ( interview video) – Anthony Clara”

  1. Ok looks like you are planning well.

    Your questions look good.

    For a closing, I have a suggestion. Since your research shows that the pandemic actually had a postive influence on people’s fashion style, would you want to end on a positive note, saying that one upside of our time in the pandemic is that we have emerged with more confidence in the way ppl dress and that ppl are expressing themselves more truthfully after the pandemic. Something like this might be a good ending…what do you think?

    This project sounds fun!

    Will you ask your interviewees to dress for the event in something that shows off their newly gained confidence in style?

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