Practice Reflection and Rhetorical Analysis and Quotes Esha

Part 3 Reflection

I do agree with the information the author presents. This is because telling a kid to shut and learn and not letting them be curious will not make them learn better. I think kids should be curious and can be curious it’s a way for them to learn better. I personally never had an experience where my questions were being shut down. I never had to go through something like that. I think you should let a kid do what they want to say it will let them learn better and think better. In the article it said that curious kids do better. I agree with this a lot because I do better when i’m more curious about something it just makes me want to learn more about it.

Part 4 Rhetorical Analysis

The authors reason for writing this was to tell the audience that schools don’t allow kids to be curious. The author wanted to tell us that kids that are curious perform better. The author put out a message to the schools that you should let kids be curious and let them ask questions about the subject they’re learning about if they want to and not tell them to shut and learn. The author wrote “In 2007, researchers logging questions asked by children aged 14 months to five years found they asked an average of 107 questions an hour”. I agree with this because it tells all of us that kids are born curious and they can ask an infinite amount of questions.

Part 5 Notable Quotables

“The questions they asked were aimed at improving their results, whereas the questions asked by more curious students were aimed at understanding a topic more deeply.”

“The researchers gauged levels of curiosity when the children were babies, toddlers and preschoolers, using parent visits and questionnaires. Reading, maths and behaviour were then checked in kindergarten (the first year of school), where they found that the most curious children performed best”

“Children are born curious. The number of questions a toddler can ask can seem infinite – it is one of the critical methods humans adopt to learn.”

These quotes are important because it tells me that kids that were more curious performed better. It also tells me that being more curious can help you learn the topic more. It gives you a better understanding of what you will learn.

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