Practice Reflection and Rhetorical Analysis and Quotes – Ahsan

Reading over “Schools Kills Curiosity” I wonder why they chose toddlers lower than the age of 5 be studied? If the goal is to maintain kids having a creative mind shouldn’t they do expierments on older kids? Would it have made a change with her ideals and research? Instead of having schools restricting curiosity on toddlers can’t it also effect teenagers as well? Nowadays students highly don’t have creative minds or any curiosity. Modern technology is a distraction and it should play a part of this.

I believe the authors purpose is to change how childern behave during schools. Since childern are not actively being creative in schools they dont have any questions about their curiosity. The intended audience could be teachers and parents. Berliner reveals her article is informative. Shes trying to show us why and how schools are killing curiosity.

“Children are born curious. The number of questions a toddler can ask can seem infinite – it is one of the critical methods humans adopt to learn. In 2007, researchers logging questions asked by children aged 14 months to five years found they asked an average of 107 questions an hour. One child was asking three questions a minute at his peak.” (Berliner)

“But research from Susan Engel, author of The Hungry Mind and a leading international authority on curiosity in children, finds questioning drops like a stone once children start school.” (Susan Engel)

“Paul Howard-Jones, professor of neuroscience and education at Bristol University, who has visited to observe the children playing with their new “toys”, says humans learn from novel situations and curiosity is important to that process.” (Howard-Jones)

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  1. Ahsan: I can see you do have your own ideas on the reading, but YOU HAVE NOT FOLLOWED THE PROPER FORMAT for a Reflection and for the Rhetorical Analysis. YOU MISSED CLASS. You need to printout and study the documents I gave in the last announcement since you were not there.

    You need to label these parts!

    You need to read the examples provided in the documents i gave in announcements.

    These lessons on how to write the RAB are way too important for you to be missing class!

    Have you worked with the tutors? Because you really need to in order to understand how to write these parts of the RAB.

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