Annotated Source 1 – Anthony Clement

Source 1

Hardy, Quentin. “Artificial Intelligence for the Next War.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 12 May 2016,

Source 2

Middendorf, J. William. “Opinion/Middendorf: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Warfare.” The Providence Journal, The Providence Journal, 28 Nov. 2020, 

2 thoughts on “Annotated Source 1 – Anthony Clement”

  1. Anthony: Great, you are my first student to turn in this HW! YAYY! But you must get your name up here in the title!

    This NYT article is a little old and it’s too short, not enough information.

    Try these two which I downloaded and saved for you since City Tech doesn’t have free subscriptions to The Atlantic. The other one is from Forbes Magazine which I somehow was able to download B4 the paywall stopped me. I am not sure which genre news or feature but you will figure it out.

    OK so this open lab email won[‘t let me attach a file. I will email it to you. These are articles are ones that I already gave you links to in your RAB PRoposal HW.

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