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My research question is: How has inflation affect prices on food? This topic interests me because with higher prices on food it’s harder to manage your money, and because it prevents me from buying some of favorite brand items. I remember a few years ago many food prices weren’t as expensive as they are now. I can remember when Mcchicken a was $1.79 now it’s $2.99 and when a arizona bottle was 99 cents and now it’s $1.25. I know that many prices are going up on food because of Covid 19 making supply chain in many disruptions and making it challenging for farmers and manufacturers to receive the necessary supplies. Because of these interruptions, many plants and manufacturers had to shut down for an extended period of time or permanently.I want to know what’s going to happen with the prices? Are they going to stay the same? If so can they increase minimum wage.

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How Inflation Is Affecting The Food Industry – Restaurantware

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  1. The possible source you gave link for is about effect on the Restaurant Industry and although parts of the article discuss food prices for everyone, the audience for this article is the restaurant industry. So it does NOT address your RQ, right?

    Then why are you connecting to minimum wage? That’s a completely separate topic.

    I typed your RQ into my google chrome search bar and came up with a few possible sources, so:




    I typed in your RQ “and NYT” and got. afew more NYT possible articles:





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