In March 2020, this was the beginning of one of the hardest times of my life. The start of a pandemic, something I never thought I would experience in my life time. I went from sitting in a classroom with my friends five days a week, to not being able to see them for the rest of the time I was in high school. It completely changed me as a person, I wasn’t motivated to do anything. I started to create bad habits which was taking my focus away from school. I knew I had only enough time to get back into focusing on school before I didn’t graduate on time.

I began on taking small steps to get back into making school my number one priority. I started to limit myself on how much video games I played and fixed my sleeping schedule. This helped me wake up much earlier for school and made my days much more productive. I still use this strategy today even though I don’t play video games as much, but a good sleeping schedule has always been the key for me to stay focus. Overtime I noticed this was the strategy that worked best for me during the pandemic. I began doing so well that I eventually graduated early. In all, I recommend everyone to find a strategy that helps them be better even if it takes time, everything isn’t always going to work, be patient.

1 thought on “Resilience-Angel”

  1. OK this is a good start.

    NOW you need a scene with details and using the 5 Ws. Reach back into your memory for the best memory of a scene of you in online-school, a scene that shows big change from what used to be…so

    I remember the first day of online school. It was March xx 2020, I went from sitting in a classroom with my friends five days a week to not being able to see them for the ENTIRE rest of high school [until WHEN?]. It completely changed me as a person. [Give descriptive words of what you used to be like in school, of HOW you used to be with friends — maybe a scene of what school used to be like — a classroom scene with fun and learning and social friends].

    NOW I was [describe the pandemic school Angel and the classroom scene that is gloom and lonely or WHATEVER It was — I dont’ know but you do — YOU WERE THERE, so take your reader there too.]

    To try SHOW me the pandemic as a huge uphill battle that you had to survive. Some thing that needed you to be resilient.

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