Mentor Quote – Domininc Tavarez

Encouraging words from a mentor or authority figure can be powerful motivators that can push us to achieve our goals. It’s not uncommon for such words to stick with us for a long time and help shape our educational journeys.

For instance, a mentor may say something like, “You have what it takes to succeed. Don’t let fear hold you back,” or “I believe in you and your abilities. Keep pushing forward.” Such words can boost our confidence, help us see our potential, and give us the courage to pursue our dreams.

On the other hand, an authority figure might also provide constructive criticism that can help us see our weaknesses and recognize areas where we need to improve. For example, they might say something like, “You have a lot of potential, but your work could be more focused. Try to stay on task and prioritize your goals.”

In both cases, the conversation can be a turning point in our educational journey. The precise words and the occasion may vary, but the impact of these words can be transformative.

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