practice reflection – Jizelle Thompson

As I reflect on my educational journey, it becomes increasingly apparent that schools, unintentionally perhaps, have become environments that stifle creativity and curiosity. I vividly recall a moment from my early years in school when imagination and curiosity were actively discouraged. The rigid structure of the curriculum seemed to prioritize memorization over exploration. I remember a specific instance in a science class where we were required to memorize a series of facts about a particular concept. The emphasis was solely on regurgitating information rather than fostering a genuine understanding or encouraging us to ask questions. The relentless focus on standardized testing further exacerbated this issue, as it became clear that the goal was to memorize information for exams rather than to develop a deep and abiding curiosity about the subject matter. Creativity, too, often took a backseat to conformity. Expressing ideas that deviated from the established norms was discouraged, and the fear of making mistakes seemed to overshadow the joy of learning. 

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