Shitty First Drafts-Jeremiah Owusu

Part A.

Anne Lamott truly stresses on how the first draft is more of a process then a product. In a gist her opinion on a first draft is an oppurtuinty or chance for writers. According to her, the first draft gives writers the chance to explore their creative processes in a free way without feeling limited by the need for correctness. Lamott gives an explanation of the value of the very first draft. The first version is one step less to the final product, thus if you want to have a wonderful final draft, you should start with the worst possible first draft. The way we describe something as “bad” or “worst” does not imply that it is not at all beneficial. The exact opposite is true. It is not the goal to have a nearly finished product. However, it functions similarly to a sketchbook where you may scribble down all of your thoughts, highlight or cross out anything significant, and jot down ideas as they occur to you. In order to gradually organize and improve it with a second or third one in the future. That is a nice example as well.

Part B.

“Very few writers really know what they are doing until they’ve done it.” I was interested in this since I had always assumed that writers had ideas or an plan in their head before they wrote, I didn’t know writers block can even happen to good writers. But she claims otherwise. When a writer starts to sense a motive or an emotion, that they rush to create and bring everything in. They create and let whatever comes to them flow out. I feel this to be an important part of the writing process because I’m unsure on how to start and organize my points in writing. Knowing this, I can now simply write down any and all ideas that come to me, and after I’m finished, I can see what I can improve in my next draft before my final draft comes out, or before I produce it.

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