Shitty First Drafts – Angel Sanchez

I believe that what Lamott has to say about writing a first draft is about the process. The reason I feel confident in my answer is because of what Lamott has to say I totally agree. Lamott explain the importance of the first draft. The first draft is far from the finish product and to have a great final draft you need to have the worse first draft you can have. The way we would say “bad”, or “worst” doesn’t mean that it isn’t useful at all. It’s quite the opposite. The purpose isn’t to have a close to finish product. But it’s like your sketch book where you jot down all your ideas and underline or take out any important stuff you thought about and when your randomly putting stuff and jotting stuff down that comes to mind. So that later you can organize it and perfect it slowly with a second and third one. That’s also a good example why I believe it isn’t about the process. Lamott explains on having three drafts and not just 2. The 2 draft isn’t the finished product either. Just another step into closer view of perfection.

The quote I chose that feels significant to me was “The only way I can get anything written at all is to write really, really, shitty drafts.” The reason I find this that it stands out to me is because I really feel Lamott makes it clear that this is the KEY step into getting anything done at all. Without this essential step and it so happens to be the first step of the process is how the outcome of your final draft would look like. But it helps you to truly understand and Lamott explains further on how it can make you feel more confident and ready to write once you continue forward. Which makes it the best way to start and have least trouble moving forward.

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  1. I agree because the quote you chose feels significant to me as well. Throughout the whole reading she constantly said the first draft is a first step in the writing process. Like the only way she can function is by having a first draft. The first draft makes her feel confident writing the second draft.

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