Successful Study Tips

TIP 1: Finding study techniques that are effective for me is the first piece of advice I want to provide. I have to develop strategies that allow me to study productively. Many study techniques exist, such as writing down what you’re learning, however, I find that this method doesn’t work for me all the time. Listening to music through my AirPods while studying helps me remember the material better. I’ve tried all the study tips, but I think that one works the best for me. Reciting my notes aloud each day is another study technique I do. I would review what I had learned at work to check my memory.

TIP 2 : To physically attend class is the second piece of advice that is important to you individually. This resonates with me since I used to be able to go to school whenever I wanted to when I was in high school. As my senior year ended, I seldom attended any classes. I’ll follow this advice to ensure I arrive at class promptly every day I have it. I’ll get up early and if I am able to arrive at class an hour promptly, I’ll make sure to do so.

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