Interview- Andre

My RQ: Should Puerto Rico become the 51st state? 

My Genre: Interview

Introduction: •Introducing myself
•Introducing fellow family members who I am interviewing with. 
•Speak about what it is like going on vacation to Puerto Rico, and my everyday life as a half Puerto Rican young adult

Main questions I will ask. what is it like growing up in Puerto Rico?  •what is the difference between being born in Puerto Rico and raised in the United States? Why should Puerto Rico not be a state( quick 1- 2 minute discussion) 
•Do you feel like the United States should help Puerto Rico more financially instead of rushing the process of becoming a state? 
•Should Puerto Rican citizens receive food stamps and other government aid besides SSI why or why not?

3 thoughts on “Interview- Andre”

  1. Hey Andre, I’m interested in how you will do your interview. How are you going to record your interview? Are you going to create a video or just an audio?

  2. You need a working title as Bithiah points out.

    NOW make sure your questions are informed by your research! I do not see that the questions you list above are!

    SO here is an example:

    According to my research the reason Republicans are holding up statehood is that they believe Puerto Ricans lean left and will create more Democratic seats in the Senate and in Congress and thus strengthening the Democratic agenda. So I would definitely ask my subjects: If PR becomes a state and you are given the right to vote as a US citizen, will you be a Democrat or a Republican? THIS IS A SUPER INTERESTING QUESTION AND YOU WOULD BE GATHERING REAL DATA. Notice that I got this question because I read your research.

    So remember that your questions should come out of your research and at least some of the questions you ask in your interview should reflect that newly gained knowledge. In other words, the questions you ask here should not be the same questions you would ask IF YOU HAD NOT DONE THE RAB PROJECT!

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