Genre Project Proposal – Jemel Thomas

  • My Research question is: How has the CV pandemic impacted and changed Dating?
  • I want to guide people on how they can start or build relationships. Post pandemic looks promising since relationships are becoming more important to people.
  • I want to reach single people who are still struggling to find or maintain a bond with a significant other. Young adults in their 20’s.
  • I believe the Op-Ed genre is great for me to relay my own experiences and provide information I found. Even before this project, I have always been passionate about knowing how relationships work. I hope to reach others with that same curiosity too.
  • I plan to begin by finding all relevant information from my previous research, but I also want to know a bit more of how dating used to be. Maybe the same single people who I’m trying to reach, has been struggling way before the pandemic.
  • I’m not worried about much. If anything, I’m hoping not to accomplish the opposite of what I want. If I’m the cause of single people becoming even more hopeless, I’ll be devastated. Although I doubt that this’ll be the case, it’s always a possibility
  • The only title I can think of for now is “Melly’s W-Rizz Post pandemic plan.” I may come up with something else at a later date though.

2 thoughts on “Genre Project Proposal – Jemel Thomas”

  1. Good Project Proposal!

    Suggestion: Your title should mention the word dating — right? What does W-Rizz mean? Does this signify dating?

    So your purpose is to “guide” — Will you give tips? Will you give advice based on your research findings and your new knowledge? What will be your MESSAGE?

  2. ALSO — GOOD JOB Jemel on commenting here in this HW. You are doing the right thing finally! Keep it up.

    ALso please let me know if you have worked with TUtor Jackie on the RAB as required!

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