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Performance based hiring is a formula used to hire the best talent by seeking a remnant out of the vast resource of available candidates. I see constructing my professional identity in a performance based manner as helpful to my career prospects in that, by construct my character to think in terms of career, meaning, what’s in it for me in the long run? What is the potential if what I’m looking for isn’t presently available? This is the initial assessment in information gathering. The intention is to corroborate with the hiring manager so that you can both make informed decisions. The down side and the upside of any career decision should be thoroughly thought out to offset any conflict between my potential employer and me. In  The essential guide for hiring & getting Hired, by Lou Adler, he wrote, “In most cases weak performance was rarely do to lack of technical competency. Instead it was poor fit with the Hiring manager”.


it is much easier to get a job if you already have one and are content or at least appear to be. I wouldn’t want the hiring manager to think I’m desperate. I would let him know that I am satisfied with my current employment but I’m looking for growth; and that, I’m willing to exercise my options provided that this is the job for me in which I can make significant contribution. Money is of an issue but it s not thee issue. The career opportunity should be the deciding factor. While I’m waiting for my ship to come in, there are ways to be found. Social Media is a great way to be discovered.


Social Media is a great tool to increase your presence in the job market. I see myself tapping into the different mediums such as linkedin, and Monster.com to name a few. I would write about my past performances. I would talk about a problem I have solved for example; I was the Hazardous Material Coordinator in my past employment. I had to keep an accurate count of all hazardous materials in my custody. I implemented a system on how to do so. This would allow any employer or recruiter to know that I am a problem solver. On the other hand, being well informed is of great importance as well.


Being knowledgeable about the position, knowing the name or names of the upper echelon is great but what about the Companies culture? I’m not a everyday shirt and tie guy. I like being different from everybody else and would like a company that embraces that. These are things that I would look for when researching and job seeking.


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