Journal Blog 7 Role Model

The person who I consider as a role model is Lisa the Operation Manager in Women Press Collective. When working alongside her she shows how passionate she is to working in a place that she loves to go to. I want to have a career where I can go to work and feel like I am not going to work but feel like as if I am going to a fun job that is enjoyable every day. Lisa shows that when she at work she is happy to be there and want to spend as much possible time in the office where she love to be at. When it comes to communicating with clients she is really good because she speak loud and clear and with confident and say what is on her mind. I want to be able to speak to future client like that and work with the client face to face. Another thing that is admirable about her is her leadership in the company she makes the schedule for everyone she always makes plan for everyone in the office and give everyone something to do. It must be difficult because they’re a lot to do in the office. Lastly the reason why she is an excellent role model is because she respect the volunteers and her clients and makes everyone feel like they’re at home by not forcing dress code where everyone can feel comfortable in their clothes. She also care about everyone opinion and always there to help.


Journal Blog 6

Evaluating myself it a great way to express my experience working in an organization that works for the people. My performance in Women Press Collective had being amazing I learn a lot from how to interact with client and from how to work in a team. I will be evaluating myself based on a specific projects and that project is greeting and thank you card for WPC. When first starting in the projects I would listen carefully to the person speaking to me about the project. I look at the person the eye and put all my focus on to them. After they had told me everything about what they wanted in the greeting card I started to do sketches. I then ask another volunteer for feedback where they gave me honest feedback of which one work more for the organization I then spoke to the staff of WPC and present them my idea they pointed out which one they wanted me to make final editing for their greeting card for the event they go attend to. I did my final editing for the greeting card in mac computer using the illustrator program. When working on the cards design I notice that I give my full attention to my design and try and make an amazing design that will catch anyone attention. After I was done with the card design WPC told me to do a few editing and they are going to print the cards soon where I am excited to see. They also told me they find it amazing how I work with a passion and finish everything on time.

Fifth Journal Greeting cards

Creating thank you and greeting card for Women Press Collective my client is Lisa she explained to me what message she wanted the card to have. The message is to illustrate an image that shows what the organization is about. The company give low-income and give free program to help people learn new skills such as graphic design, journalism and many more. This card is going to be handed out as a gift for people who donate money at the street fair.

The people who worked with me is one person I asked her to give me her opinion what she thinks of my sketches. After hearing her opinion and suggestion, I made some changes and made it better. After finishing with the sketches, I had a meeting with Lisa and explained what the sketches meant she like some of the sketches and told me to develop them on the computer next. The program that the card was design on was illustrator. My card was mostly focus on the media perspective of the company of how it gives people a voice. I also made simple design because it easy to see. The way we all communicated is on the office because is an open space office.

            The design was successful because Lisa really like the design for the cards because it illustrates the way the organization communicate it message. The way the organization communicate is by phone call and face to face on events.

            The part that was not successful is creating more different cards they were not enough made in different style of cards.

Fourth Journal Learning in WPC

In Women Press Collective I have learned a lot of new skills that will help me be an amazing graphic designer and will give me the skill to teach other worker be the best when working in an office where volunteer work together to accomplish one task.

I learned that client don’t have to be people from the internet they can be people where WPC meet on street fair and then the organization contact them to visit the office to where the client can print their work.

I learned the process of creating a greeting card where the first step is to sketch many ideas and then choose a sketch that I consider the best. After that deciding whether the sketch should be made by paint, marker, or illustrator.

What I learned about the industry is that the industry is not always about big new machine doing mass copy it can be an old printing machine that shows how the printing is made by showing all the gears moving and give the person an insight of the printing machine.

I am not always doing work that is related to my major for example organizing files in the office and contacting client that had interest in printing in the office in WPC. However it gives me confidence that I can be a great member in a team and know how to talk to client and workers.

The typical day in the office for me is go to the office at 10 AM Lisa greet me she then offer coffee or water and then we talk what WPC is doing today. We then start working on a project. At 12 PM everyone in the office takes a break and eat free lunch. After lunch we continue where we left off or we work on a new project.

Third Journal WPC culture

The culture in Women Press Collective is amazing and inspiring to work in their office. The attire of the organization is informal it is great because volunteer express their personality by wearing clothes they feel comfortable in. Also people who cannot afford professional attire can be a volunteer in WPC and not have to spend a fortune on clothes.

There is no dress code in Women Press Collective my attire is casual clothes plain color shirt with no design just simple. The pants are plain color and no shorts. Other volunteer would wear short and design shirt since I am new dressing casual professional is the best way to show respect to the company.

The typical work space in the office is open work area where the volunteers are encouraged to walk around the office and talk to other volunteers. When the designer or journalist need inspiration to start their project WPC has a small library where the volunteer read the books and get inspired to do amazing work.

A typical employee work for 7 hours in a day and works for 20 or 30 hour a week. When an employee enter Women Press Collective they first start by talking to Lisa to see what is the main focus of the day and what they are trying to accomplish for that day after that we would start working on our projects in a team or by ourselves.

Lunch time is at 12 where we would all seat around the table and then all the volunteer get a plates and serve themselves food. When we eating in the table we would talk topics about politics, work, and our daily life.

Second Journal Roles in WPC

In Women Press Collective I have many roles. Some of the roles I have is organizing file the first step is to find a client information and insert their name in a alphabetize drawer and then on separate sheet of paper give them a check to mark that is done.

The next role is to designing new postcard and greeting card for the street fair that send a message of what their organization is about.

The last role is typing new client information in a typewriter and making sure all the information is written correctly with few mistake.

The supervisor name is Lisa D and she is the Operations Manager. The internship in WPC is interesting because working in an environment that does graphic design with older equipment will give me more insight to the graphic design world.

The office in WPC is an open space office where volunteer can interact with each other. Also everyone give their opinion on each other project since is an open office.

The first time I went to Women Press Collective Lisa interview me in the meeting office after the interview she showed me around the office where she then explain how the equipment work and she also told me about the other job position in the office.

When going for an interview I did not had to wait in line because it was only me for the interview. The only waiting time was when Lisa was looking for her files to do the interview and organizing the office. Right after I was done with the interview and orientation she asked. “What days are you available to volunteer with Women Press Collective?” After telling her my schedule she hire me in the spot. The question the manager asked me was. “What do you study in college? Why do you want to volunteer in WPC? What job position do you want in WPC?”

Welcome to Women Press Collective

Hello, my name Luiyin and I am an intern in the company called Women Press Collective – WPC. This internship is on the summer of 2017. The company is small they’re about 10 member in the company. The office space is rectangular and they have different room like conference room, kitchen, printers, and computer and it is an open space office. Women Press Collective location is on 68 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

WPC is a private company because is a grassroots organization that don’t get fund by the government they stay independent by donation and by people working as volunteers and they stay active.

Women Press Collective main goal is give an alternative media that is not run by corporation and tells the truth. WPC becomes an alternative media by covering story about real people who are low-income and publishing there story in their magazine and mailing their magazine to the supporter of the company.

WPC client are usually low-income people who need help printing their books, flyer, and stories. They can also be people who want to learn how to do graphic design or how to write a professional journal.

The organization was founded in 1982 to help low-income workers have a voice. The people who needed a voice were people who worked in agriculture and wanted their story read everywhere in the country. The founders were people who came from art background and made articles about farmer people who work bad wages and needed a voice.

My role in WPC is Graphic Design in this area I work with the client and ask how they want the design to look after designing they check over the spelling and make sure everything is 100% correct and after that we just print as many copy the client needs. I also organize magazines that are ready mail out and we organized the magazine by quality for such as the magazine with no mistake get mail out the one with bad color are given out to people at events.

Each year Women Press Collective does a theme for its International Women’s Day Celebration. The reason why is because they want to allowed women and little girls to have equal right as men. WPC has hosted a showing of the documentary The Power of the Weak at St. Francis. The documentary is about a Jorgito who have cerebral palsy but doesn’t let his disability stop him from accomplishing his education.