Journal 10 – self-evaluate

I almost finished my 120 hrs interning in Captiv8 Promos. I enjoyed working in the office and people there are nice. I felt really comfortable working there. My supervisor, Juan, was willing to take time to teach me stuffs that I didn’t know and understand.

During the internship, I also found myself improve in different way especially in time management. I remember the first two weeks when I was interning, I could only finish three to four projects in the 7 to 8 hrs of work. But now I could handle at least 6 or more projects/mockups a day.

Working as an intern also taught me how to deal with real client and understanding their needs. Many of the clients didn’t know what they really want and wanted us to help them out. Since we worked in the design department, we didn’t have much opportunity to connect with the client directly. We would get email from the sale person and worked on the ideas based on what the sale person said. We then had to build on the basic ideas and added what we think was the best fit for the client. I usually gave client a few different choices of design and let them picked one or two for me to work on and that always helped with the final design.

Overall, I thought it was really helpful to work as an intern before graduate. It gave you an opportunity to adapt the real world and I really learned a lot while working.

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