The original outline that I had before I started editing my script and video

Here is my original script that I printed out from the very beginning and just wrote on so as not to keep printing more copies.

Purple: Effect idea, Blue: Graphic, Orange/Red: Notes of what did or didn’t work

Stills of the effect idea that I wanted to do/ Inspo

The logo I ended up using
Purple: Effect idea, Blue: Graphic, Orange/Red: Notes of what did or didn’t work

Types of images I ended up using to do effects

2:50 -3:50 was my inspiration for the SVU Actors Intro Pose edit, this video included all the Law & Order Intros of each season from each show of the franchise. I just wanted a short transition of SVU seasons with the change in actors to be noticed.
Youtuber Nerdstalgic was a big inspiration for my edits. The graphic of the character’s name, Odafin ‘Fin’ Tutuola, in the same font as the SVU logo was hard to do but I tried my best.
My idea for the vertical 5 boxes came from this video. Originally it was supposed to be “…follow the same structure: the discovery of the crime, narrowing the suspect pool, an interrogation, a conviction, and sentencing.” But it didn’t look smooth, one video would cover a character’s face and it would look weird.
1:50-2:15 was the idea that I had to show a compilation of the “morbid comments & dramatic looks”. The hulk edit was hard to do when multiple videos had audio, some would last too long until the next video had to come in.
This video helped me find the correct proportions so that the faces can still be seen
Actors (from left to right): Snoop Dog, Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, Serena Williams, Carol Burnett, Bob Saget, President Biden, Sarah Hyland, Pedro Pascal
The video that helped me do the blur effect
Link to the article I used:
Ending graphics and credits I created
Thumbnail that I created for youtube on premiere pro