Teaching Methodologies

– I encourage students to discuss the material and ask questions as we process (I make a clear statement at the very beginning of the semester). I have found it very helpful to discuss the material with students, and sometimes during an open discussion students point out some similarities to their everyday life, that makes it easier for others to grasp and remember. It also makes me think about other way to present the material. Therefore I do quite often approach the topic from different perspectives and I do find it very rewarding. Since my students have all different backgrounds and learning capabilities. Always before jumping onto another topic, I do make sure it is already “safe” to do it, meaning most of the group feels comfortable with the material just covered. The discussion is also really helpful for one more reason. My students are quite often working professionals with practical experience in their field and I find it very interesting if they share their personal experience with their colleagues. Those students that participate feel really great about it, since they have a proof that the material I teach has indeed correlation to their professional development

– I encourage students to come for my office hours, to give them my full attendance. It is crucial especially for struggling students when they quite often are shy and don’t like to admit they don’t follow the material covered in front of the entire group. Also, being previously a chemistry tutor in the Student Learning Center (NYC College of Technology) I have developed a really great understanding why students may struggle. Talking to students that are taught by other professors and answering their question I did look at the problem from the other side. It really helped me conducting my own classes

Visual presentations
PowerPoint supporting some parts of the material (whenever visual aspects are critical/helpful)

Hands-on presentations/real life models
The Environmental Control Department where I currently lecture has a great advantage that really enhances my teaching. That advantage comes from the fact, that for most of the lectured classes I am able to show the students the actual equipment (such as different type of boilers, furnaces, burners, valves etc.) and present how it works. This is a really great addition to the lecture itself. I have found it much more useful than PowerPoint presentations

Student lab reports
Students receive feedback within one week after submitting lab reports

Student research presentations
One of my teaching methods that support one of my teaching philosophy (students expanding their knowledge beyond the course material) are research projects, that students later share with the rest of the group in form of PowerPoint presentations