Teaching Responsibilities

My teaching responsibilities in New York City College of Technology are with the Environmental Control Technology Department. At this point my usual teaching load is three to four courses per semester, all of them within Environmental Control and Facilities Management curriculum (classes taught depend on the time of a year, since not all courses are available every semester). At that department we do offer both associate (Environmental Control) and bachelor (Facilities Management) degrees. At the beginning of my career at the NYC College of Technology I also taught general chemistry lectures and laboratory classes.

Below is the specific list of the classes I taught at the NYC College of Technology:

ENVC 1111    Air Conditioning Systems Laboratory I

ENVC 1210    Combustion Processes and Equipment

ENVC 1211    Heating Systems Laboratory

ENVC 2321    Air Conditioning Systems Laboratory II

ENVC 2322    Principles of Air Conditioning II

ENVC 2340    Air Conditioning Systems Design

ENVC 2401    Renewable and Hybrid Energy Systems

ENVC 2411    Refrigeration Laboratory II

ENVC 2420    Principles of HVAC Systems Controls

ENVC 2432    Advanced Air Conditioning Systems Design

FMGT 4900    Internship Project

FMGT 4902    Special Projects in Facilities Management

CHEM 1110    General Chemistry I

CHEM 1110L General Chemistry I Laboratory

CHEM 1210L General Chemistry II Laboratory

ARCH 3550    Building Performance Workshop

In addition to teaching, I have also developed materials for course ENVC 2401 – Renewable and Hybrid Energy Systems. I have also worked on finding OERs (Open Educational Resources) for that class and also ENVC 1211 – Heating Systems Laboratory and made them available through the OpenLab and BlackBoard.