Personal Philosophy of Nursing



            The one philosophy I adapted to and identify myself with would be Watson’s Human Caring Theory. Watson’s Theory was thought where I attended nursing program and I am most familiar with it. She has a holistic approach to caring for a patient where every aspect of the person’s being (mind, body, and spirit) is considered an important part of a whole. To provide best care for the client a health care professional must consider who the person is, his environment, what does it mean to be healthy, and the role of a nurse in healing. Research shows that patients have better outcomes when all their needs are met. Caring for patients when they are most vulnerable with compassion and understanding of their needs can make all the difference in the world for them.

            Each person is a unique human being and their needs may be different from another. As a nurse, my philosophy is to be loving, competent, compassionate and dependable. In my daily routine I hope to recognize my patient’s needs and deliver compassionate care to him/her and the family as each deserves to be treated with dignity. Nurses can apply their own values and believes into their practice, therefore, it is imperative that they remain non-judgmental. Cultural sensitivity and awareness can strengthen relationship between the nurse and the patient.

            When discussing caring for a client, nurses must take into account the person’s environment. The family, friends, community, religious groups, and culture are the external human connection which has a great affect on the person. Integrating those into the plan of care, with respect to patient’s preferences, ensures patient’s cooperation. Within a community, nurses can navigate to best accommodate for their patients by providing information and resources. Environment is everything the patient interacts with throughout his life.

Health is not only the absence of illness but well-being in all aspects: mentally, physically, and spiritually well balanced. The World Health Organization defines health “as a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” (WHO, 1946). When the person becomes ill the balance is disturbed and the patient often finds himself in unfamiliar surroundings and fearful. Through their communication skills, nurses can decrease the patient’s fear while giving compassionate care.

In my opinion, a nurse is someone who can offer aid to those in need without biases. A nurse should be knowledgeable, poses critical thinking skills, and be able to use clinical judgments in stressful situations. The nurse is to assist his/her client in returning to optimum state of health and preventing sickness and/or further deterioration. Promotion of health should be the driving force in the nursing community.