Decriminalizing medical marijuana has reaping benefits, whether it is medically, financially, or even industrially for New York State.   Thousands of New Yorker’s suffer from cancer, multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, or severe disability. The suffering of these patients, especially those in the last stages of their life, is devastating for them and their loved ones. Medical marijuana can alleviate the suffering of many of these patients. Compassionate Care New York (CCNY), which worked to pass the law, is now working to ensure that New York’s medical marijuana program is implemented swiftly and effectively so that patients across New York who are suffering from serious illnesses or debilitating conditions can access the medicine they need. CCNY also recognizes that some patients will not survive the eighteen months the law provides for the implementation of the full program. Therefore, New Yonkers are also working to get the state to establish an interim, emergency access program for critically ill patients.