Decriminalization of Medical Marijuana

Marijuana as we know it today has change dramatically for the better. The stigma Cannabis faces in America has been dispelled recently do to studies indicating and suggesting its Benefits, whether it might be medically, financially, or industrially. Marijuana is still having a slightly hard time being recognized as beneficial in some parts of the United States, although twenty three states have taken the initiative of either decriminalizing, and or legalizing this natural herb. In May 2014 Governor Cumo of New York, announced a slight legal change in the recreational use of marijuana allowing up to twenty five grams of concealed cannabis to be justified with a summons. Also, the new law allows five medical marijuana licenses to be distributed throughout New York State, business owner, who are eligible to open up to four separate establishments, which has still yet to take vision a year later. Decimalizing medical marijuana in New York is the main argument