Progressing Forward

In week 7, We were almost done with the logos and we were also switching over to learning about another business we were being introduced to by the internship instructors. This business operated differently but had the same similar idea of doing something but no taking from yourself. I look forward to creating content for this new idea. At this point I have a way better sense of direction when it comes to creating for a cause. Thanks to the instructors I see design way differently than just creating something with no meaning.

Converting for all

In week 5, We started to shift to converting logos as we had a bunch of logos to convert to another format for companies to use freely. There was well over 300 logos to convert and we began finishing up our latest designs and decided on a day to show what we have updated compared to the original. Big changes are on the way when it comes to my creativity and the internship is helping me a lot.

Show and Tell

In week 4, We started to go into showing our works with our fellow team members  and we received and gave feedback on our works and explained what could be changed  to show the message a lot more. My work was at first a lil basic with basic animations not really popping. For example, I made a moving circle with a number inside of it and I realized that I have to bump up my creativity and that’s what I started to work on. I’m using other programs to create better things and going in-between them.

Attracting the People

In week 3, we discussed many different ways to attract attention to our designs.  who ran over Ways to create specs on our design that will allow the viewers to click and interact with the post. We thought about adding moving buttons or just moving animations on the post to make the post stand out from all the static posts. I decided in my designs I would make everything move so it would also pop out to the viewer or everyday person on Instagram or Twitter as if that is more attractive than a regular wordy post.

First Day

On Week 1, I was very nervous about my first day working in an internship. It was like stepping heads first into the real work force that my major would lead me into. I met the instructors and they explained to me what a “Donate for a Cause” business is. On that note they also gave me free creative control on my designs as long as I follow the business guidelines. It was scary but I look forward to get more comfortable with them and learn ALOT more than what I know now about designing for a cause.

Learning to add more to myself.

So on week 2, I kind of learned  way more than I learned the first time so, I’m getting used to the way the instructors do things and also we’re planning on creating a meeting where I can meet all my fellow interns and staff members. We started talking about how the company is a donation kind of company where you don’t donate money and instead you donate attention and using that they will get revenue to send to a nonprofit of your own choice. So on that note I will say that I did learn a lot more in the second week as they introduced me to a lot more techniques and more ways to express my creative thinking that would help others be interested in the business.