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Reflection, part 3

  • If you chose to revise, what was your experience when revising assignments? Give an example from your work of a sentence, paragraph, or idea that you changed. Quote both the original and the new versions and explain what you changed and why.
  • What did you expect to learn in this class? What did you actually learn? How do you feel about the class and what you have learned now that the semester is over?
  • What advice would you give to students taking this course next semester?


  1. sheldon

    I learned to better my writing skills and to voice my opinions. I feel like this class helped me become a good writer and also helps me think hard about the topic. One advice is to write, and it is ok to be make mistake because it is a safe zone.

  2. Kyle

    I expected to go through a similar writing method to my high school’s format. I was doing the same or similar ela I’d been doing in high school. After the year, I can say that it was pretty similar. It was similar to the way we would have to write essays in my high school but it felt more like a challenge. Even though the writing format was by itself similar, the ability to write about anything we wanted with as many sources as we wanted, I felt like I was allowed a lot more freedom in my writing. This made me realize the difference between high school and college wasn’t the way I wrote that was different but it was the topic and what I could write about that was different. Being told to write an essay on a prompt given some sources is easy for me to do even if I’m not fully interested in a topic. But if you give me a prompt on any topic of my choosing, I will become very indecisive. I feel like this is a good thing to learn especially early on because maybe I can improve myself on this.

    If I was to advise next year’s students, I would tell them to get used to the library website. I think that it will come in very useful in the following years. It’s really easy to find opinions on topics.

  3. Donaji Morales

    When revising, I took up the challenge in “starting over”. My revising consisted of trying to find a more diverse, variety of genres and sources. An example of this would be using 1 ted talk video, 1 documentary and one article. Instead of 2 articles and 1 ted talk. In this way, I would have more statement’s coming from victims themeless who have one on one experiences.

    In this class I honestly expected to learn about writing techniques and although I did learn some technique, I ended up learning about what’s my style of writing through the process of these units.

    For students taking this course next semester, I would suggest to focus and when researching their topic, to find a topic that is neutral and really have a lot of information on.

  4. Malachi

    I expected to learn how to write better and to learn the major differences between high school writing and college writing. The major difference I learned is that you can pick your own topic sometimes and I did expect college writing to be hard. Now that the semester is over, I feel as though I have improved a lot on my writing skills. I feel as though this was a good class and a good learning experience. Advice I would give to new students next semester, is to use the library website because it is very useful. If it doesn’t have what you are looking for, it can guide you to get what you are looking for.

  5. oliviaj18

    I expect to learn regular things you would learn in a English class like reading and writing basic essays but actually I learned what I didn’t expect cover in this class like Revision and Researching. I feel like this class not that difficult because all you have to do is follow the prompt. It might sound simple, however it might not satisfy the prompt at first (Well at least for my experience). I learned that a simple topic could go as thorough as you want. It takes longer than expected so use your time wisely.

    One advice I would give is to use the City Tech library. Even though it doesn’t have what you are looking for, it could get you an idea of what you are looking for.

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