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Reflection, part 2

What were your early assumptions/beliefs about yourself and writing? Have they since changed? 

How have you developed as a writer? As a reader? As a researcher?


  1. Angelina Valerio

    My early assumptions about myself and writing were negative, I wasn’t the most confident about my writing but I feel like that has changed since.

    As a writer, I feel like I have learned to write different genres and also be comfortable with it. As a reader, I feel like I’ve learned to interpret things in multiple ways. As a researcher, I think I’ve become more developed because I don’t only look for information that I agree with. I also put more effort into it and don’t only pick the first few articles I find.

  2. sheldon

    My early assumptions/beliefs about myself and my writing is that I don’t write enough.Also my ideas I have in my head I don’t necessarily write it down and sometimes forget it.

  3. Kyle

    At first, before I started taking the class, I assumed I would struggle with writing and conveying ideas because writing and reading have never been my “good” subjects. So I was nervous and felt like whatever I wrote wouldn’t be anywhere near good enough. I have grown a bit more confident because so far, the format we are writing in is the same or similar format that was forced on us in high school. I started to feel more confident in my writing because of that.

    As a writer, I don’t feel like I developed that much. I guess I am more comfortable with how I write now. In high school, writing always felt formal and I guess now I can show a little more personality and not just write on a random topic I don’t care much about. As a reader, I feel like I haven’t changed. I don’t see any differences, I still wouldn’t read on my own. As a researcher, I feel like I have a little bit more space I can kind of fall back on. I always defaulted to just Google or quoting something from a text given by the teacher, but now I can depend a little bit more on the library source, I can find other people’s opinions on top of news articles, textbooks, etc from both Google and the library giving me more options for researching.

  4. Donaji Morales

    My first assumptions as a writer and researcher have mostly been average. I am able to do my research and find my way through a piece of writing.

    As a writer I was able to realize that being able to make a “Ted Talk ” out of my research made me realize I am much more better at giving scripts and free style writing, talking to the audience but at the same time no just giving one POV but many and each with their own supported research.

  5. Christopher Luna

    Christopher Luna

    My early assumptions of myself as a writer were pretty good, I was fairly confident in my writing ability. This doesn’t mean I was great at it though, as there are things that I still struggle with when writing. I have trouble with staying on topic and I also tend to ramble a bit when writing. As of now I am doing my best to try to avoid these bad habits while I write. As a writer, I haven’t really changed, or not that I can tell, as I really only write for school. A genre I do want to get into would be fiction, or even historical fiction. The idea of fiction being mostly imaginary and made up really catches my attention. This is because a writer can make up anything in the story and can create entirely new worlds, living things, societies, and places, its all up to how imaginative you can be. I would like to write and draw out a story, like a comic/manga, so Im trying to improve my writing so it can come out great because even if the art is good, if the story is bad its gonna flop. This is how I feel about my writing and what I can improve on.

  6. Emanuel

    Initially I thought my writing skills were lacking and it was difficult to compile all my thoughts onto a single paper. And although it still is to some degree since I often struggle on staying on topic and focusing, I can say that I’m pleasantly surprised when I do get going. My writing style has changed to where it’s much easier to get my point across. I dump everything I want to say onto my paper, and I make it cohesive when I go back to read it. This has helped me tremendously because usually when I write I have a lot to say, and it always stumped me on how to put my thoughts into words. As for my reading skills, I believe they were already strong which made it difficult to write since I was nitpicking every sentence. But now I try my best to ignore it since I know I’ll return to it later. As a researcher I was I able to improve a lot in that category too had a hard time finding resources I liked, and thought were creditable. Another issue was finding the right resources that I needed. I learned to phrase what I am looking for in a way that makes it easy to find what I am looking for. Overall, I definitely made some much-needed improvements to my writing that already have and will continue to benefit me in the future.

  7. oliviaj18

    My early assumptions about writing weren’t the best because I’m always missing a piece from prompt but, now getting better at dissecting it piece by piece.

    As a writer I’m learning to be more comfortable writing in different genres without straying away from my style of writing. As reader I’ve learned to interpret text in different ways. As researcher I’ve developed to be more in depth about my topic, by looking for anything that relates to my topic rather than simply researching it just like that.

    • oliviaj18

      Learning to be more confident in writing

  8. Malachi

    My early assumptions of myself and writing were negative. At first, I didn’t have any confidence in my writing but over the years my perspective on writing has changed. I became more confident because I learned that you will make mistakes in writing and that you can learn from it. I eventually learned from my past mistakes and have improved within those areas. There is still a lot for me to learn and a lot for me to improve on. The way how I developed more as a researcher is that I am able to make sure that my research makes sense, and everything connects to the topic. Before there were times where I could go a little bit off topic. The way how I developed more as a reader is that I can understand and explain the meaning of text and quotes a lot better than before.

  9. Chrisa2331

    My early beliefs/ assumptions about myself and writing are pretty much negative. I hated writing because no matter how much times I wrote I still felt as if I remained the same in skill level. I felt that my writing could’ve been better or I could have improved more. Due to this I had no confidence whatsoever when writing and just felt embarrassed when people read my writing. Since then my beliefs and assumptions haven’t changed. They continously remain the same and no matter what I do I’d feel the same due to the fact that I know there is more that can be done and improved upon. As a writer I improved a fair bit, from making my writing interesting to making less errors such as Grammer or spelling mistakes. I expanded my vocabulary to substitute words that I often use. As a reader I also improved. Before my mind wasn’t able to comprehend sometimes what I read but now I’m able to understand more of what is being asked and I’m able to do more reading. As a researcher I’ve improved as well. Prior to college I found myself unable to research well. I found articles upon articles that spread misinformation that I used and spread as well in my writing. Now I’m able to research properly using the internet and school library.

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