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Reflection, part 1

Choose three quotes from your writing that represent three moments you are proud of because either you figured out how to express a difficult thought or concept or because you made an important connection or compelling point. Explain why you choose these quotes.


  1. Safe

    my writing differs from that of my life , I don’t think I have any quotes that tie into ways in which I’ve had to express a difficult thought or concept or the recognition or me making an important connection or compelling point, if there was something nearly close to that it would be this, “It’ s not a lie if you believe it.” a lot of misleading things are said and we often believe it , wether it be true or false but is the blame on the people that mislead us or is it on ourselves for believing what we’re re told without second guessing. sometimes we blame a lot of our misfortunes on the people that have lied to us and “did us dirty” but I’ve come to a realization that blaming people for things that happened never really gets you far, as much as it may truly be their doing, its best to learn from it and try not to let it happen again.

  2. Donaji Morales

    “There is too much doubt as a society about the death penalty, we should stop as a society.”

    ” Who has acted on anger and held on to it, but after reflection, you regret everything that was said and done?”

    ” Do people who have committed Haynes crimes deserve to continue enjoying the liberty to miss and hope”.

    An important connection with all three of these quotes is that fact that I was able to relate to the question. It makes me think that every possible situation in which I or anyone in the audience was mad and in the act of anger made a decision they might regret. This would help people keep in mind, if thats the guilt they would want to keep. This is based on what I have concluded. The last quote ” Do people who have committed Haynes crimes…”. This quote is more of a counter claim, but at the same time something that we have to keep in mind since this is a common emotion as humans.

    • Kyle

      “Also for 6th grade me, I would be able to use laptops and feed the blue light-addicted self I am.”

      I chose this quote because this was the first time I ever “joked” in an essay or paper. I don’t feel like I write like this all that often especially not in middle school and high school. I would like to incorporate this in more of my writings.

      “It was until my senior year of high school I got more interactive classes. Quarantine had just ended at the start of my senior year and we could choose almost all of our classes as long as we met our credit requirements.”

      I chose this quote not really because I’m proud, but because I was surprised I was able to describe my classes as “interactive” which I feel like it isn’t something I would do that often.

      You might agree that “Wind energy seems poised to ride a wave of growing environmental concern that would wash away fossil fuels with their associated problems-acid rain, degraded air quality, and global warming-because wind may be able to generate megawatts of electricity without any emissions.”(An update on wind energy. By: Everett, George, Mother Earth News, 00271535, Apr/May93, Issue 137)

      I chose this quote because it was the first quote I blended a quote from a library source. This reminds me of how I learned how to research using the library database. I still remember how I did this part of the essay and what I struggled with.

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