Final Project

For my final photography project, I used colors to portray my friends personalities, the moods and the settings in the photography are planned in a way that the colors around the subject are their most significative or favorite color. Developing this color concept has a lot to do with my spiritual side, and tried to represent the belief of Auras and it’s colors.

Auras are the “imaginary” field of energy that surrounds a human, and its often associated with different colors depending on the individual, this colors can vary based on their mood and experiences but there is always a predominant color that defines your spiritual part.

My first model was Helen (19), She’s a waitress at “Money Cat” a Vietnamese restaurant located in Brooklyn. Helen’s hair is hot pink and getting to know her I believed that the her hair color was a total representation of her personality, Hot pink is associated with femininity and sweetness as well as with rebelliousness and boldness, and finding this hue of pink for her was a perfect way to express her personality.

My second model was Isabella (21), she’s from Pereira, Colombia. Isabella is one of my closest friend at the moment, she’s a very cheerful person, with a lot of imagination and jokes under her sleeve. sharing with her has also allowed me to discover the fire in her personality (even as an air sign) she’s extroverted and expressive which makes her pop-up from the rest. therefore we both agreed that Yellow is her perfect “aura” color. Yellow represents happiness, joy, and sunshine, this is definitely a color that catches your attention.

My final model was Aaron (26), he’s from Caracas, Venezuela but emigrated about ten years ago, moving to several places allowed him to experience the best out of some countries, but also has made him want to set roots in New York. Aaron enjoys being outdoors and in contact with plants, trees and nature, therefore choosing green for him was my best choice. Green is associated with growth, abundance and nature, but also with steadiness and balance, which reminds me a lot of his personality.

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Midterm Project

I shot my midterm project on Union Square, this location is very close to my job, and I always pass by just trying to absorb all the information and look at all the people around. Union square is full of diversity, with different cultures, mindsets and thoughts. I found really fun to do this shoot because I got to meet people and see different events on this location.

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