Video Project

Who Am I?

In this video, I am trying to convey a question people might ask someone famous which would be “Who are you?”So I am creating a graphic that asks me that, and what I am trying to convey is that I am not trying to fit in anyone’s expectations of me but instead try to exceed my own expectations. This is because for me I plan to make my expectation harder than most people might tell me.

Video Drawing Draft

Scene 1

Starting in a white screen with the words, also say these words w “Who am I?” Cutting into my head facing down in the camera with the city within the background with the noise among it too.

Scene 2:

Smooth transition to me with construction gear at a construction site, Moving my head up slowly while in the background its construction and me saying “That’s what people might ask me.”

Scene 3:

A white screen with the words, I also say these words “What should I say?” Fast transition to me moving my head up more while I am sweating within a track field

Scene 4:

Transition into a basketball court, shooting the basket, practicing, and hustling around the court, as I say, “A Player?”

Scene 5:

Moving into a gym environment, me doing some reps and having gym surrounding noises when saying “Dedicated?”

Scene 6:

Transition into the subway station waiting for the train or entering the train, of course having the iconic sounds of the subway, with me asking “A New Yorker?”

Scene 7:

Moving into the Brooklyn Bridge Pier with noises of the river and the pier and having me with a camera taking photos. As I ask “A photographer?”

Scene 8:

The transition of all the photos of me doing construction, with some background noise, as I ask “A Hard Worker?”

Scene 9:

I’m in the outside park typing and doing some architecture. then asking “An Architect?”

Scene 10:

Moving into drawings I’ve done and art styles I have. As I ask “An Artist?”

Scene 11:

White screen with the words, also say these words “Who am I?”

Scene 12:

The final transition of my face zoom in, finally saying “Who cares I am Me.”

Video Drawing Final