Learning Self-Analysis

Learning Self-Analysis for the Program

Self-evaluation skills in nursing are not taught in a systematic way and are an important framework for improving my nursing skills. I actively participate in as many academic development opportunities as possible in order to enhance my self-esteem and become more comfortable with providing patient centered care. Learning is a lifelong journey and I am consistently striving to improve my self-awareness skills to better service my patients.

Nursing is a broad profession that allows me to foster and grow in a variety of roles. My educational experiences in the field of nursing have exposed me to many concepts within the field of healthcare that are applicable in the professional environment. By participating in a   Baccalaureate degree program, I have broadened my knowledge of the skills and philosophical approaches which allow for component care.

Nurses must maintain a good rapport with patients to provide adequate care services that meets the specific needs of the patient. My educational experiences have revealed to me that I must act as an advocate for my patients’ care. Rather than simply focus on the mechanical aspects of nursing, my degree path has shown me that I am also responsible for providing the patient with both dignity and respects.

I am expected to understand the duties and responsibilities of a professional nurse to perform the necessary functions of my job. Nursing requires an immense level of knowledge and interpersonal skills learned within coursework and onsite field practicums.  I learned a basic standard of care through completing various course materials. I developed better interpersonal skills by observing interactions between patients and more experienced nursing staff.

I gained a vast amount knowledge and confidence from observing nurse leaders and other experienced nurses throughout my academic career. Information on how to effectively treat a patient can be found in many places. While completing this program I have found that the combined knowledge I have gained from each component of the educational experience has provide me with tools that may be combined in order to achieve greater success.