Individual Strengths

I have chosen to become a nurse because of an inner desire to create meaning in my life through community service and helping others in need. Nursing provides me with a unique and powerful outlet to help individuals overcome life threatening illnesses and beat the odds.  Empathy is an important trait of a successful nurse. I have the ability to understand a patient’s feelings and attitudes towards care. Every patient will have different thoughts and emotions, and nurses must learn to understand the differences. Emotions are best understood through experience, and nurses gain an understanding through practice.  I believe my capability of processing emotions enables me to provide effective patient centered care and advocate for my patients

I am open-minded and receptive to different opinions and arguments on how healthcare is perceived. Patients come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds with different perspectives on illnesses and how to treat various medical conditions. Healthcare is evolving to include the patient in creating and implementing care plans. Patient-centered care focuses on the individualized values and needs of the patient. Being open-minded enables me to understand the specific needs of my patient and advocate for care that adheres to a patient’s cultural guidelines.  Patients should be treated as individuals and nursing staff should respect cultural differences.

I have the ability to adapt to new situations and environments quickly. The role of a nurse is complex and requires individuals to think fast. Every patient is different, and environments will change quickly based on the individualized needs of the patient or hospital. Due to nursing shortages or unexpected call offs, nursing staff must adapt quickly to working on new floors. Strong leaders and effective nurses can adjust or modify care based on unexpected changes that occur regularly. My ability to adapt quickly ensures I can handle stressful and unpredictable healthcare environments without compromising standards of care.

My strengths provide me with a solid framework for providing quality patient driven care and improving my skills as nurse.  I have the ability to empathize with my patients to effectively advocate for personalized care. Understanding diversity is critical to ensuring all patients receive the best possible care. The role of nursing care is evolving and becoming more focused on the patient. The skills and attributes that I have enhance the level of care for my patients and provide me with ample opportunities for growth within the nursing profession.