Seminar Participants

As a Living Lab General Education Seminar Participant, full and part-time faculty members become part of the growing multi-disciplinary community at City Tech that is enthusiastically thinking about and developing general education, pedagogy and student engagement in their teaching and learning practices.

Participants in the Living Lab General Education Seminar commit to exploring innovative pedagogical approaches and incorporating what they have learned into their courses. Among the questions seminar participants consider are:

  • What changes can we make to the student experience that will prepare our students to succeed at City Tech, while also supporting creative, original, and critical thinking through the use of high-impact educational practices?
  • How can we use City Tech’s OpenLab, an open-source digital platform, to customize learning experiences for our students that will engage them in the intellectual fabric of our College and make their achievements visible to our own community and to the wider public?
  • How can we use one of City Tech’s greatest assets — its location within the “living laboratory” of the downtown Brooklyn waterfront — to create hands-on, place-based learning opportunities with our students?
  • How do we know our students are achieving the student learning outcomes of our course?