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Teaching Practices Come to Life at City Tech

I am sharing these links of faculty and student work around role play and in the case role play with Legos! Patrick Corbett helps students explore their emotions as a result of our recent election and provides the out come in these links.

Finding Whitman, Continued

Today’s creativity and excitement was contagious!  The participation level ignited great thought, conversation and activity and for those who wish to continue your exploration of the Whitman project that was introduced I encourage you to read the full article that Matt Gold provided for our use: Looking for Whitman: A Multi-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy

NPR Thinks about Teaching Teachers

What can teaching teachers really be? What is innovation and innovative? We shared a lot through the semester do I thought I would continue to share. Here is a recent post from NPR that makes me ever more hopeful for innovative innovation!

Teaching Teachers

Revitalizing General Education

I want to Thank Karen and the Living Lab for connecting me with so many outstanding professors at CUNY. The Living Lab exercises and meetings challenged me to re-evaluate my course and it’s potential in general education. I gained a tremendous amount of clarity as to what was working and, more importantly, what needed to be improved. In particular I am enhancing my student assessment criteria to allow for more depth and clarity. I am re-writing my rubric for assessment and developing new assignments based of some of the Gen Ed guidelines. I am also heartened to know that the Gen Ed teaching I have been doing was so well received. I look forward to the Fall where I can further develop the place based and community supported projects that are the core of my Architecture Design studio.