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Women in Comics Exhibit in the Grace Gallery

Hello Guys-

This is the show I was speaking of on Friday … please come by and share with your students!

In celebration of Women’s History Month,

The Department of Communication Design presents…

Women in Comics Exhibit in the Grace Gallery.

Featuring female artists spanning all aspects of the comics industry; from Marvel and DC to Independent Comics.  These amazing creators are artists, writers, and entrepreneurs … and the show even features a City Tech alum!

Please join us for the

Opening Reception

Thursday, March 16

5:30 – 8:30 pm 

Exhibit Continues until April 20th


Exploring the The Future of the Brooklyn Waterfront

The event described below will be a great introduction to our place-based learning activity on March 17. More details will follow but on the 17th we will welcome leaders planning the BXQ rail line which is projected to run along the waterfront through Brooklyn and Queens.

What ethical reasoning practices are in action during this time?

Streetcar Success: What New York Can Learn from Other Cities

Tuesday, March 7, 2017
Brooklyn Law School, Feil Hall, 205 State Street, 22 Fl, Brooklyn, NY, 6 PM – 8 PM

New York City is planning its first streetcar for a 16-mile route along the Brooklyn and Queens waterfront. As it embarks on this project, what does New York have to learn from other cities, both nationally and internationally? How have streetcars help addressed urban transportation challenges? Please join RPA for this special program with experts from Portland, San Francisco, Budapest, and New York. Speakers include Congressman Earl Blumenauer; New York City Deputy Mayor Alicia Glen; David Vitezy, Former CEO of the Centre for Budapest Transport; Alicia John-Baptiste, Deputy Director, SPUR; and Rick Gustafson, Executive Vice President, Shiels, Obletz, Johnson and former COO and Executive Director for Portland Streetcar, Inc. Space is limited.  Please RSVP to

Teaching Practices Come to Life at City Tech

I am sharing these links of faculty and student work around role play and in the case role play with Legos! Patrick Corbett helps students explore their emotions as a result of our recent election and provides the out come in these links.

Finding Whitman, Continued

Today’s creativity and excitement was contagious!  The participation level ignited great thought, conversation and activity and for those who wish to continue your exploration of the Whitman project that was introduced I encourage you to read the full article that Matt Gold provided for our use: Looking for Whitman: A Multi-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy

NPR Thinks about Teaching Teachers

What can teaching teachers really be? What is innovation and innovative? We shared a lot through the semester do I thought I would continue to share. Here is a recent post from NPR that makes me ever more hopeful for innovative innovation!

Teaching Teachers