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Industry City – Personal Reflection

How much did you know about the subject before we started?

I had only heard about Industry City in passing and was very excited about the opportunity to visit and learn about the place as well as the area. When thinking of the “greening” of an area it had always been something that I thought I understood.  I looked at in very simple terms, everyone benefits by introducing more green and open spaces. I knew very little about the community of Sunset Park and the history and culture of the area. So, all in all, I knew very little going in on the specific subject and area. On the topic of development of green spaces I believe I came in with some common general biases .


What was especially satisfying to you about either the process or the finished product?

The satisfaction gained through this project was in the process and it’s ability to give a well rounded view of the subject matter. By being immersed in the subject we were able to live it more personally. In addition to the immersion in subject, we were also surrounded by others who brought different views and opinions, and this made us look at the subject from many different sides. The final product became an amalgam of this new knowledge and the differing viewpoints.

We were asked to “get out of our own heads” and see, feel, hear and touch the subject. I believe this gave us all a better understanding of all the sides of the issue, thus making the finished product more valuable.