One thought on “Images of our Site Visit to Industry City

  1. Joseph Jeyaraj

    That was a good activity for a General Education seminar, and I am glad I took part in it.

    While the obvious benefit was that I discovered something of New York City that I probably would never have on my own, it was insightful to hear Richard and others talk about the Brooklyn Waterfront and the issues involved.

    In the context of General Education, we are not a trade school, and, among other things, we hope that we offer students the resources and tools for them to operate well as citizens.

    Equally important, General Education enables them to function well in their disciplines as they leave their intimate disciplinary worlds and engage with the world at large. That produces productive exchange of ideas and experiences that, I think, is invaluable for them while operating in their specialized disciplines.

    Walking around Industry City for me personally opened new neural pathways that likely may not have emerged otherwise. It made me engage in some cross disciplinary thinking as I mulled over who pays for what and why.

    Having lived as well in another city where downtown restoration was a constant source of conversations about its pros and cons, I realized that this is a larger conversation occurring across America, not just in one city.

    My own new neural pathways were somewhat cross disciplinary as I left the world of technical writing and mulled over money flows and ways by which restorative work such as the one happening in Industry City had been made possible.

    Just a few thoughts.




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