7 thoughts on “When my students develop ethical reasoning skills they will…

    1. Prof. Karen Goodlad Post author

      It is all to easy to “turn off” and not listen to an opposing view/value. Exercising ethical reasoning skill will, hopefully, allow us all to be better listeners and then engage in a more thoughtful discussion.

  1. Jesse Ricke

    My students have a specific domain they can apply ethical thought. Entertainment production requires an audience, and the affect a production has on an audience is the central ethical concern. Other concerns are important, including copyright and labor rights and distribution ownership, but considering what you’re doing for your audience is the task I want my students to take on.

  2. Bridget Maley MS,RN

    Many students who enter nursing have not thought about the ethical problems or questions that may come up while in the healthcare setting. These situations will force these students or nurses to think about how their ethics influence what they will participate in and how they will treat patients. Introducing ethical thinking in the nursing program will help to open the student’s mind to ethical thought.


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