ENG 3402, S22: Topics in Literature (Selling Happiness: The Promises And Problems of Self-Help Literature) (1 section)

This course explores a specific idea or theme in English-language literature. Discussion and analysis of texts related to the course topic. Topics change each semester and have included humor, vampires and zombies, transnationalism and homesickness, utopias and dystopias, culture and identity, and graphic novels.

This particular section of ENG 3402 is an introduction to “the American love affair with self-help” through its literature, industry, benefits, and critiques. Though self-help is often dismissed as providing low-brow, quack remedies for the masses, this course considers it in earnest, exploring what makes the genre so compelling, and why and how self-help matters, to individuals and societies. Students will read self-help texts; try their techniques; reflect on their methods, effectiveness, promises, and problems; and create their own self-help texts for others.


Creative Expression (Flexible Common Core Requirement)

Writing Intensive Course

Capstone Course for LAA and LAS degrees

Prerequisite: ENG 1121 or any 2000-level literature (AFR, ENG LATS)

  • Professor Jill Belli
    • ENG 3402-OL80
    • Tuesday/Thursday 10-11:15
    • Online Synchronous (real-time Zoom sessions)
    • ZERO Textbook Requirement

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