Fall 2017

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*Below is some additional information about some of these special Literature Courses. Stay tuned, as more info. is coming soon!


ENG 3402-D616 (Topics in Literature): Paradise & Apocalypse: The World-Building of Utopias and Dystopias (Professor Jill Belli)

  • Tuesday/Thursday 2:30-3:45pm
  • Course Description: The world now, more than ever, needs utopianism, or the desire for better ways of living, the belief in possibility, and the commitment to transform our circumstances and produce alternatives to the present. This course explores the blurry line between utopias and dystopias (perfection gone awry) historically and in our contemporary moment through literature, films, critical theory, music, reality TV, new media, social media, and our own experiences. Weʼll consider race (e.g., Afrofuturism, Black Lives Matter), sexuality, class, religion, globalization, and the environment. We will also pay particular attention to the current political climate (especially America in the Trump era), social movements (e.g., Occupy Wall Street), and our local context (spaces/places) of NYC, including art exhibitions, community gardens, activism/organizing/protests, and pockets of utopia within our urban landscape (e.g., The Lowline in the Lower East Side).
  • Note from Professor Belli: I’m happy to answer any questions about the course, so email me if you want more info.! jbelli@citytech.cuny.edu

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ENG 3403-D167 (One Major Writer): Samuel R. Delany: Science Fiction and the City (Professor Lavelle Porter)

  • Tuesday/Thursday 11:30am-12:45pm

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ENG 2180 (Studies in Identity and Orientation): Under the Covers: Intro to Gender and Sexuality through Literature (Professor Laura Westengard)

ENG 3407: Gothic Literature and Visual Culture (Professor Robert Leston)