2019 LAF Writing Competition Awards

Adolphus Lee Poetry Award
1st Place: Michaela Lewis, “Sourced”
2nd Place: Sarah Kinney, “Hungry”
3rd Place: Annanda Almanzar, “Backward”

Kay-Hirsch Literary Criticism Award
1st Place: Youshmanie Sukraj, “Restriction of Civil Liberties:
The Native American Struggle”
2nd Place: Maribel Matos, “To Make Love Solely with The Body:
The Distortion of Intimacy and Sexuality in James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room”
3rd Place: Kester Kassie, “The Cost of Freedom in Ha Jin’s A Good Fall”

Michele Forsten Advocacy Award
1st Place: Madison Baisden, “Privileged Isolation: The Cost of Existing
in an Elite White Space”
2nd Place: Ashley Lino-Frazier, “Keeping Us Chained (A Black History Tribulation)”
3rd Place: Qasim Abbas, “Hate and Love”

Walter-Scanlon Creative Non-Fiction Award
1st Place: Afshan Haq, “A Balcony of My Own”
2nd Place: Joseph Diyarza, “Finding My Way”
3rd Place: John I. Goldenbridge, “The Light Blue Walls of my Room”

Charles Matusik Fiction Award
1st Place (tied): Jolly James, “As Long as Them Sneakers White”
1st Place (tied): Najah Khalil, “1:45”
2nd Place: Sheldon Bourne, “Drifting”

Lou Rivers Drama Award
1st Place: Nikka Rosenstein, “Routine”
2nd Place: Derrick Whitsett, “Love Scenario”