Reading Akwaeke Emezi

June 2021 cover of TIME Magazine, via

Akwaeke Emezi’s website offers us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in their writing–plus images and video, too.

A quick browse takes me to a short list of their poems, a list of their fiction, and a lengthy list of non-fiction pieces.

The first piece I read, a poem entitled “self portrait as a god who is loved,” moves me to print it and share it on a bulletin board near the English Department.

The next text I chose to read, “Writers Of Color Are Making Their Own Canon,” is familiar to me. I realize that I’ve read it already as the essay entitled “Writing into the Unknown” included at the end of Freshwater. It’s an essay that gives us insight into Emezi’s life as a reader as much as their development as a writer.

Next, I decide to watch one of the videos Emezi includes in the shorts section, called “Hey Celestial.”

HEY CELESTIAL | Pantin, France | 2014, by Akwaeke Emezi

Browse through these titles and choose a few to read or watch, too–and feel free to leave a list of recommendations in the comments!

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