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LAF and social media

As April 18th approaches, how will you keep up with LAF updates, reminders, and other important bits of information? How will you contribute information yourself? This site is a great place to share ideas about the Literary Arts Festival–join the project to contribute posts, or just comment on a relevant post.

You can also follow @CityTechLitFest on Twitter. Have something to tweet about the Literary Arts Festival? Use the hashtag #LAF2013. Or just follow along. As the festival gets closer, you’ll see more twitter activity from that account and with that hashtag.

Until then, see you back here or on Twitter!


Maybe you’re a great writer and you submitted a piece of your writing to each category of the writing competition. Maybe this was your first venture sharing your writing with someone else. Maybe you didn’t find the time in your schedule to submit something. Maybe you are just beginning to think about yourself as a writer. Maybe you missed it–there’s always next year.

With the writing competition behind us, the judges will begin to review the submissions. In the meanwhile. let’s focus our attention on the festival itself.

Students can volunteer to join the LAF team.

Faculty members can arrange for screenings of Brooklyn Castle in their classes.

You can mark your calendar for Thursday, April 18th, 5:00pm, Midway Community Room. And spread the word.


There are only a few more days until the March 20th deadline for the writing competition–have you submitted your writing yet? There are many different categories, so there is sure to be one that fits the writing you’ve been working on lately. Notice in particular the Alan Kay Literary Criticism Award–it’s a new category this year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to revise, proofread, and polish one of your academic essays in which you analyze a literary text.

What are you planning to submit by Wednesday?

Get to know Brooklyn Castle

So the special guest speakers at this year’s Literary Arts Festival are Katie Dellamaggiore, director of Brooklyn Castle, and Pobo Efekoro, one of the chess stars featured in the film. Intrigued? Here’s what you can do:

1-Watch a trailer for the film:

2-Tweet about it! Use the hashtag #LAF13.

3-Mark your calendar: April 18th, 5:00.

4-Attend the Literary Arts Festival in the Midway Community Room!

Announcing the 2013 LAF special guest speaker!

Prof. Caroline Hellman, the fearless leader of the Literary Arts Festival, recently announced the special guest speaker for this year’s Literary Arts Festival: Katie Dellamaggiore , the Director of the documentary film Brooklyn Castle. The film has garnered extensive accolades, and will facilitate discussions with students regarding storytelling in film, public education funding, activism & the arts.

Also joining Katie Dellamaggiore will be Pobo Efekoro, one of the student chess stars in the film. Yes, that’s right: two special guests instead of one!

Stay tuned for news of a screening of Brooklyn Castle on campus prior to the Festival and further information. In the meantime, watch the Brooklyn Castle trailer  or read press coverage about the film.

Remember to mark your calendars for Thursday, April 18th, 5pm, Midway Community Room for the festival!

Attention Students: Volunteers Needed!

Interested in getting involved with the Literary Arts Festival? This is a great opportunity to collaborate with fellow students as well as faculty and staff to help organize and produce the Literary Arts Festival. It’s always a fun group, and rumor has it that Literary Arts Festival T-shirts are involved. Bring your talents to this team! Contact Prof. Caroline Hellman at chellman AT citytech DOT cuny DOT edu.