MTEC2120 – Week 1

This week’s reading was The Ignorant Schoolmaster written by Rahul Mukhopadhyay & Varadarajan Narayanan. Base on the title without reading the content yet, I believe this story would be related with boundaries between the possibility of professors and students. Base on the story, there was a debate about access to education because of social status. A quote that stood out to me was “Who has the right to think” (Ross, 1991, p.58) because during this time only privileged children get an education while those of a lower class do not have the opportunity to attend. As the story progress, they mention that it is possible for an ignorant person to teach another person what the former does not know & what is important is that the student understands the message given by the instructor. The teacher will give explanations to the students but for the teacher to truly know if the students received the knowledge, the students have to respond back to what they understood.  Though this reading was confusing for me, I get that the message is trying to give is that there’s no need for inequality in education and that teachers and students can have equal standing. We are learning together as a team.


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