ENT 3230 – Unity assignment

Created a scene in Unity and change the camera’s skybox for a
solid green color. Added a plane, a cube, a sphere and assign different materials to them. I’ve also added a few cylinders and other objects in the space to see what I can mis and match around.

List 4 Animes that inspires me

  1. Silver spoon

Silver spoon is a wonderful anime where a middle school student decided to move from Toyko city to the countryside to an agriculture high school. Throughout the anime, there were many valuable lessons learned that kept it very entertaining to watch. Like how the main character struggles with the sudden new environment but with the strength and endurance he builds along the way, he gradually learned many valuable lessons. I really wish a 3rd season would come out but since this anime isn’t getting much traffic and attention; it’s unlikely a 3rd season will come out.

2. 22/7

22/7 is a great music anime where a group of girls performs musicals and dances like idol groups. The plot started off with random girls from worldwide meeting each other for the first time and a group was randomly formed by a “god” orders. What makes it a great music anime is the typical plot of the team growing together and going through many obstacles and reaching the climax.

3. My Roommate is a cat

My Roommate is a cat is a fairly cute anime where you see a cat and a human interact. I don’t remember the whole detail about the anime since it’s been fairly long since I’ve watched it. But knowing my genre so far, it’s probably another heartwarming anime where the cat and the human live together and grow to understand each other.

4. Kono Oto Tomare

Kono Oto Tomare is a great anime with beautiful instrument playing music and I love the story plot of the team member growing as a group to perform better together. It’s a mix of beautiful hard work, cooperation, the endurance of everyone in the team that makes this anime tearful and heartwarming.