Week 9 – Unity project WIP

During week 7, we have been given the museum assignment to chose a room and try to replicated it on Unity. We were working in a team of 2 and my partner is Justin. We chose the room of The halls of Reptiles and Amphibians to replicate on Unity.

Here’s the link to the room: The halls of Reptiles and Amphibians

We split up the work after we came back from spring break and my role is to make the level – the building design/outline.

Here’s the link to the rough sketch of the room before I started making it on Unity: Rough sketch

Here’s a video of the end of the week level product: Unity video

Things I could improve is that I could’ve added post-processing and adding floor texture material in the room. I will definitely add onto this project more in the future even after presentation day. If I do continue on this project, I will update it on Open lab to see future adjustment.

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